Panteia BV – Panteia/NEA

Panteia B.V. offers policy research, market research and consultancy for national governments, provincial governments, local councils, the European Commission, national and international organisations, trade associations and the business world in general. Panteia B.V. employs over 200 highly qualified professionals covering all relevant disciplines including transport, logistics & mobility experts, economists, econometricians, statisticians and survey experts. The head office is located in Zoetermeer (Netherlands).

Panteia/NEA (formerly known as NEA Transport research and training) is a business unit of Panteia specialised in research, consultancy and training services in the field of traffic, transport, infrastructure and logistics. PANTEIA covers a broad field encompassing all the economic and social aspects of both passenger and freight transport, for all modes of transport and the corresponding infrastructure. PANTEIA is based in the Netherlands and over the years has built up a considerable network of national as well as international contacts which have led to joint ventures in China, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands. In 2009 a new partnership was undertaken with the Institute of Transport and Communications (ITC) in Bulgaria.

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