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Final Logicon conference at the 2nd International Physical Internet Conference, JULY 6th to 8th 2015, Paris

On 8th of July Logicon led an industry session at the 2nd International Physical Internet Conference. The conference was a joint event of Logicon and Modulushca. Among the presentations made new ideas, concepts, approaches, technologies and visions as well as some best practice cases on Physical Internet were provided.

Solutions from industry pioneers session, JULY 8th, 2015

An ‘internet-style’ logistics approach can only work when the required information exchange is effortless. Therefore, in a Physical Internet world communication between actors and systems in the logistic network should be free of any barriers prohibiting the controlled sharing of data. This is particularly true when SMEs are part of the logistic network, traditionally having limited IT capabilities.
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We develop easy to adopt, affordable and reliable data-interchange solutions to enable SMEs to take part in international trade and commerce flows


Logicon Project

How can SMEs easily join…

Logicon is developing, SIMPLE and PRAGMATIC targeted solutions for data exchange...

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Results to be achieved

Logicon provides to transport SMEs access to Logistic platforms, from the sophis...

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Challenges to be met

Many Logistic companies work together, but there is a breach between companies p...

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Francesc Rosines - Technical Coordinator


ENIDE Solutions SL, Spain

Tomasz Dowgielewicz - Project Coordinator


Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (ILiM), Poland

Małgorzata Kirchner - Communication Manager


Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (ILiM), Poland

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