Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania – ILIM

The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania, ILiM) is widely acknowledged as Poland's centre of competence in logistics. It is an interdisciplinary, state‐owned R&D unit where logistics is perceived as both a subject of research as well as the field of practical application. The Institute’s areas of competence embrace logistics and supply chain management including logistics processes, transport system designing and optimisation, intermodal transport systems, optimisation of distribution networks, etc. Moreover, it provides solutions within e‐business, IT and data communication, covering warehouse management system, implementation of EPC/RFID solutions and GS1 standards and solutions. Apart from coordinating the Project POLLOCO (FP5), FOR‐EMC (FP5), CENTRAL LOCO (FP6), KOMODA (FP7), B2B LOCO (FP7) the Institutehas also participated in many European projects: 5th Framework Programme: e‐Thematic, SIT; 6th Framework Programme: TRACEBACK, DIFFERENT, FREIGHTWISE, BRIDGE, BESTUFS I and II, Co‐DESNET, eMENSA; 7th Framework Programme: COMCIS, iCargo, WINN, MODULUSHCA; CIP ICT PSP: SPOCS, epSOS; and a number of Interreg IIIB, IIIC, CE as well as EC tenders: FIAP, COMPETE; DiSCwise.

Relevant experience in relation to the project goals: The Institute is very active in the field of research & development, initiating and participating in domestic and international projects, developing innovation processes on the basis of research provided. Provides innovation support for business and actively fosters processes of commercialization. Coordinating the B2B Loco project (7FP) a collaboration of 16 partners from 15 countries as well as being involved in a number of networking projects ILiM has prooved its strong experience in collaboration building between research and industry. Currently ILiM is involved in WINN project aiming at increasing collaboration and consensus building of the different stakeholders dealing with freight transport. MODULUSCHKA is a project where ILiM is proving usability of modular container modelling costs in the supply chain whereas in iCARGO they develop algorithms for the projects solution as research on business models and market for its applications.

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