ENIDE Solutions SL

ENIDE is an SME specialized in creating and combining innovative solutions and technologies, as well as research support services. The company focuses on improving their clients’ wide competences and competitiveness. ENIDE was created in spring 2011 by former high level members of the Research division of Atos Origin, having a large expertise and experience in EU research projects, as well as its application to economic sectors worldwide.

ENIDE gathers the expertise on the creation of innovation for the industry, particularly transport, supply chain, manufacturing and agrifood, combining more than 30 years of experience in managing and performing highly technological and complex projects, including the European R&D arena.

 In research arena, ENIDE members have a large experience, having participated in multiple European, national and company research and innovation proposals and projects. It is worth to mention WINN (where the future European Platform on Logistics is being defined and prepared), Unplugged, EuroSky, SmartAgriFood, TRACEBACK, RDI-TAC, ITChain, Cassandra, iCargo, TIMI, Safepost, m:VIA, Co-Cities, ASTUTE, eDash, Somabat, uService, or LogSec.

The ENIDE team has developed skills in research and innovation focused on Intelligent Cargo, Transport decarbonization & efficiency, ITS, GreenCars, Mobility, EVs & SmartGrid Food traceability & authenticity, and Food awareness,Specifically, ENIDE team brings expertise in edge ICT technologies as Cloud Computing, Future Internet -mainly IoThings and IoServices-, Business Intelligence, and their integration.

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