Criado Grupo Logistico

Criado Grupo Logístico S.L. is a young company founded in 2005 but nevertheless is supported by a team with long expertise in the transport and logistics sector, leaded by Juan Andrés Criado with 22 years dedicated to the transportation and distribution of goods.

We have facilities in the industrial area Centrovía La Muela (Zaragoza, Spain), enabled with loading and unloading docks, refrigeration and storage space, preparation and distribution of various goods. We have an established team, which spares no efforts to provide the highest quality of service, being recognized professional in refrigerated transport and distribution.

Criado Grupo Logístico S.L. provides transportation and distribution services of all kinds of goods, both perishable and non-perishable, throughout the Spanish territory. In Criado Logistics Group we are also specialized in collecting food waste in Category 3 (Carrier Registration No. 02-50-TSA-022)

We have a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with multi-temperature refrigeration system and rear tail lift capacities, ranging from 5-33 Euro pallets.

In our premises we have refrigerated storage area and all kinds of goods for possible storage, transshipment, picking, distribution, etc.

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