• Full load transport, national and international.
  • National and international refrigerated transport.
  • National and international consolidated shipping.
  • Special Transport: Length, Weight, Width; specialist in Pipelines Operations.
  • Multimodal Transportation: Railways, Short Sea Shipping.
  • Palletized Freight Distribution in Spain and Portugal, both in ambient temperature (Expresspallet) and controlled temperature (Expresspallet Cool).
  • Storage and distribution in ambient temperature (12 -16ºC) as well as controlled temperature (1-8ºC) rooms
  • Operator 4PL.

Operative means Owned

  • Tractor Units: 347
  • Delivery Vehicles: 40
  • Delivery Vehicles (Expresspallet): 39
  • tautliners: 245
  • Refrigerators: 52
  • Special Vehicles: 92
  • Mega Vehicles: 30
  • Flats 45’: 50
  • Fleet Average Age: 1 year and 11 months
  • Complete Sets: 112
  • Delivery Vehicles: 318


Management Information Systems

  • All the operations are separated in two sites with a centralized protocol.
  • Thus, Carreras has two servers that function as mirrors of each other and where all our systems are centralized (Host, EDI, Workstations, etc.)
  • The Division of Transportation uses IBM technology and is currently implementing OBC, with a permanent connection to the Central using GPRS.
  • The Division of Warehousing & Distribution uses IBM I5 technology; the warehouse management software uses Radio Frequency.
  • It is expected that Carreras is going to be the first operator in Spain to obtain logistical Certificate Security (BS-7799).
  • Concerning EDI communications, we have implemented and in production all EDI messages required by all major sales channels. We are using SEDEB2B, TSAI and Allegro security networks. In addition, we are using other communications protocols as AS2, FTP & SFTP, SMTP.
  • We use on-board computers permanently connected to the main site via GPRS and Digital Tachograph. We allow online tracking of freight in real time.
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management for the optimal management of the relationship with our customers.
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