Italian Living Lab

The problem

The main partner in the Italian Living Lab is Consorzio IB Innovation, the RTD company of Interporto Bologna, promoting innovative actions in the Bologna Freight village where a lot of SME companies are located (60% of the total tenants). Interporto Bologna thus sees their investment in a virtual market place as a service towards theirs customers and as an opportunity to make the Bologna Freight village more attractive for new business.

SMEs in the Bologna area lack an easy opportunity to engage in new business. It is a challenging activity because of limited available resources. Also, transport orders can oftenonly be received by email or phone and this makes it more difficult for SMEs to do business with larger players that use software solutions and electronic messaging. SMEs in the Bologna area agree they need a diversification of customers – thus attracting new business – and increasing trans-nationality, which makes business development even more challenging.

The objective

The objective of the Italian Living Lab is to enable SME transport operators to acquire new business through a virtual market place.

The solution

LogiCon delivers a web-based transport market place where logistic service providers (both SME and non-SME) offer their transport services and shippers (also both SME and non-SME) share their transport requests and the virtual market will support profiled match-making features.. The solution includes a dashboard, geo-location services and a ‘full truck algorithm’ to improve the load factor.

Direct benefits for SME’s

SMEs may easily present their offer of transport services to potential customers supporting business development of transport operators but also providing more visibility for customers and relaibility. Bundling of volumes will be promoted and consequently an improvement of the load factor and reduction of costs can be acheived.

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